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School Journal Day 4-Students in Chairs

by admin on August 25th, 2003

Pre students A.M.

I woke up this morning, and felt like I was off to the firing squad, or something. It was terrible…I kept waking up all through the night, looking at the clock and thinking. “Only 4 hours until it starts.”, “Only 45 minutes left to sleep”, etc. Despite what it sounds like I really am trying to remain upbeat about the whole thing…as unavoidable as it is. I didn’t win the Lottery on Saturday, so I’m stuck here. I’ve seen a lot of the kids just hanging out, at their respective smoke areas gathering their morning nicotine fixes, trying to get prepared to see me, I have the traditional breakfast of hostess pie, and juice. Smokes or Pies, we’ll see which wins out in the breakfast of champions on the first day of school.


Oh man, I’m not really sure how to summarize this. It’s like going to a chick flick, or a movie you really don’t wanna see, you know it’s going to suck, it’s just how to describe it to someone else is where the difficulty lies. My classes are all really full…not good. I am running out of books, and desks…so it’s a bad situation. My classes came in acting like the 3rd week of school…there were no pleasantries, or being nice for the first couple of weeks type of things. I told some kid to pick up his mess he told me to “pick it up yourself”. I was tempted to beat him lifeless, and just retire…it’d have been fun, but sadly not really possible. All the kids talked about was A) getting drunk B) how bad school sucked C) getting drunk, and things they did while intoxicated. I gave kids their own assignments trying to engage them in topics they found interesting, or work they would actually do. IF they help pick the subject matter, then they don’t have any excuses to not work. We’ll see how it works.

I asked for a list of movies kids would recommend to view in my film class I got such titles as “don’t be a mines” (don’t be a menace) “nice dreens” (nice dreams, I assume, hell if I know what dreens are) and a whole slew of films, really not appropriate for these kids to watch in an intellectual film class. If they piss me off too badly, they’re getting a year long chick flick class…. fried green tomatoes, mystic pizza, yaya sisterhood, mermaids, on golden pond (don’t ask me why these movies come to mind…I’ve never seen any of them…I think the horror stories have precluded them) The room got messy today despite no work being actually accomplished. It was just awesome. To see a room full of so little brainpower is really hard to describe. One student who I thought was going to be a terror looks like he may have realized he needs to graduate…. let’s hope so. I really don’t think I’ll make it all year long…it’s going to be hard. My morale was at an all time low, it was like it was at the end of the last year. It also nags me that one of our teachers got a gig teaching one period of class at the “good” high school everyday…. so I have to hear him talk about the good students. Somewhere in this district there lies a “shitlist”, and I must be somewhere near the top. But hey, 1 day is down, and only 179 left to go.

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