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Daily School Journal, Day 3

by admin on August 25th, 2003

Today was the last day before the kids arrive on Monday. It sort of makes it sound like a truck brings them in. I think it may. We had the motivational welcome back for the entire school today, where the superintendent gave the speech, and we sat and hurt on wooden bleachers all morning. Someone said the “if we don’t have anything nice to say about this place, don’t say anything at all,” I’m wondering how my year as a mute would be taken. They were saying how someone might get moved from our school to an elementary school, for class size purposes…. I know it’s not me, and I am mad because everyone was really upset at the thought that they might get moved, shit I’d volunteer if I were properly credentialed to do so. I put up a bulletin board today; it was the highlight of my room preparation and took the longest. I was thinking of some witty salutation to put on there, like elementary teachers have…. but I think “welcome back assholes” a bit offensive.

I made my desks face a different way this year, so maybe viewing the kids from a different angle will make the year go by quicker. I didn’t win the super lotto on Wednesday, so I still have to come back on Monday, unless I pull it out on Saturday. My goal this year is to get by without requiring anti-depressants, or medication. The worst thought is knowing I had a successful program started in this district 3 years ago, and it’d be kicking ass right now had it not been axed for budget reasons, and me shipped to the continuation school. Me trying to tell these kids how they can be a success in life is taken about the same as if I taught in a class full of African American inner city youth, and told them to look at me as a role model of success…. basically, we don’t have common ground to stand on. But it’s my job to try, so I guess I will go ahead and give it a go…. but my radar is up looking for another teaching gig, elsewhere, or a good paying male prostitution position…. whichever happens first.
So until then I guess its WELCOME BACK ASSHOLE.

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