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Daily School Journal, Day 1

by captain on August 25th, 2003

I woke up and felt ill, like I was going to vomit, or like I had to have surgery. It wasn’t a good feeling. I hate my job. I drove to work, tried to listen to some “peppy” tunes to life my spirits, but it didn’t work. I tried to listen to Hugo Montenegro’s the good, the bad, and the ugly soundtrack, but all it did was make me want to wear a poncho, a tatterd cowboy hat, and a dirty cigar, and come to work, and fire my guns. (I don’t really have any guns)
We argued about different work ideas for 5 hours today. And just when it seemed that the conversation would be ending, and we could go back to our classrooms and die, our principal would start a topic of discussion he knew would stir controversy. It sucked. We ate Chinese food for lunch…. that was the best part of the day…other than going home. I did no work on my classroom. It was really sick to see people come to school excited to be returning. Hopefully day 2 will see me win the lottery…and I can call this a career before the kids even show up. I am teaching a student leadership class this year, how fun. Something about delinquent students and the word leadership just seems odd to me. Someone in the faculty meeting brought up having a “key club” that did community service, and such things…like normal schools. I suggested the logo should be a pair of handcuffs being unlocked, and say something like “**HS Key Club, some people call it jail, we call it community service” but it was shot down. Oh well that’s day 1

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