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Daily Journal Day 8 P.M.

by admin on August 29th, 2003

The students today seemed well behaved for the most part, I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the Friday prior to a three day weekend, or because the hammer was being pushed down on a few students for their behavior. We now have a select number of students on contract here, which means if they screw up behavior wise, then they are subject to any number of punishments; 1) Independent Study 2) Community Day School 3) Court School 4) If they are 18 years of age, then they will be let go. Kids are already starting to mess up though. I sent one of the contracted children to the library to get some items for his project, and he ended up drawing nipple on magazine adds for women’s bras’. He put some creative phrases around other people in various advertisements. I was actually shocked it wasn’t anything to do with drug paraphernalia, then I found out the computers weren’t working. A select population of the students here can’t physically change their behaviors, they just can’t. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for them or laugh. I had some students talking about marijuana again today, which isn’t shocking considering its Friday. “Dude I looked at it cuz’ he said it was the Chron’ but it was just Mex.” I think I might have wept for them, and their struggles. His friend was just chanting “Dude, get some purple.” Over and over. I don’t know if he was happy, or sad for his friend with the Mex. It was really too bad.

One thing I find funny at this school is the few number of fights we have. I think we might have 3 a year, maybe. Those are usually girl fights. I think that when people come here as students, there is a immediate need to start the pumping out of the chest, and bad ass attitude. Everyone here is constantly sizing up the others, it’s funny. The result from these displays of masculinity are always a bunch of talking, where both parties try harder to avoid physical confrontation than to just fight and get it over with. Each always insists the other throw the first punch.
“You first dude.”
“No dude, you start it, I’ll finish it”
“You first fag.”
It goes on like this for usually 20 minutes, before they just get bored, and one leaves, shouting insults all the way.
I usually keep on doing whatever I’m doing while this goes on, because it never really amounts to much. Plus if they do fight, it’s not in my contract to break it up. Teachers are discouraged from breaking up fights, for workman’s comp. reasons.
The excuses are always great why one won’t fight the other.
“Dude, I already got on probation for fighting, I can’t fight you.”
“I hella’ jacked up my rib fighting some dude, I ain’t fighting”
“I’ll go back to jail if I fight you.”
“You’re a puss.” (That’s a great reason, I can not engage in battle with you, because the degree of your frailty, is such that it’s not worth my effort”
That might just be a comment, and not an excuse, I’m not sure.
“You’re gay” (I think this is just like the You’re a puss comment, same reason or meaning)
I have one kid (who’s on contract) who when he is not sleeping, he’s talking about who owes him money, and how much they owe him. I don’t know why I mention it other than it’s just funny. He also wants to have an X rated movie for our film class. Yeah, that’ll happen.

Our insurance rates rose again this year it’s ridiculous. I pay over 500$ a month now, and it gets higher every year. It’s rough. Plus when you’re not getting cost ofl living adjustments, or raises, it makes the hit a lot harder.

I’m going to stop now, unless something odd or exciting happens today. It’s a 3-day weekend, and that means I plan on not thinking about this place for 72 hours, until I am in my car Tuesday on my way back. 1 week down, 35 to go.

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