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Daily Journal Day 6 A.M.

by admin on August 27th, 2003

Despite traffic congestion I still made it to work all right. Today is blood drive day, which is always fun. A) You get tot watch kids give blood and run from there to go smoke, and always one or two kids pass out. It’s really fun. B) Some kid gets poked funny and spews blood all over the area, and freaks all the other kids out. It’s a really comic event, and due to the fact I am in my classroom, I usually only get to hear about it. I am always asked if I’d like to give blood, and I always refuse.

No special work things to do today, I have to see the new reactions to ‘Gods and Generals’, someone is going to get kicked out today is my guess. I need to filter through my first period class and see whom should be eliminated. (It’s too big) So off I go to do that.

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